Twinkle Trellis in Cork

Twinkle Trellis in Cork

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She isn’t a regular trellis, she’s a twinkle trellis. With scallopy star-shaped blooms and a twisty, striped stem, this rich cork board tone is stunningly versatile and truly timeless.

Beautifully woven 100% Belgian Linen Fabric by the yard. Our 5.5 oz linen is a soft, drapey, lightweight fabric with a subtle yet visible weave, while our 7.5 oz linen is a heavier duty, more structured fabric with a lovely, slubby weave.

Belgian Linen Fabric 5.5 oz:

  • For upholstery and interior use.
    • Soft, drapey, lightweight linen
    • Weave visible, yet subtle
    • 100% Linen

Belgian Linen Fabric 7.5 oz:

  • For upholstery and interior use.
    • Stiffer, structured, heavier weight linen
    • Weave visible, slubby texture
    • 100% Linen

Dimensions, 5.5 oz Linen:

  • Yard: 3'L, 52"W
    • Untrimmed with 1” selvage on either side, making roll 54”W total.
    • Repeat: 13"

Dimensions, 7.5 oz Linen:

  • Yard: 3'L, 54"W
    • Untrimmed with 1” selvage on either side, making roll 56”W total.
    • Repeat: 13.5"
  • Sample: 9“x12”

*We recommend ordering a sample before purchasing yards to ensure scale, color, and material are to your liking. When ordering fabric yards, we highly suggest ordering a little extra for possible touch-ups or pattern line-up, as colors can vary slightly with different printing batches.

**Products are printed on demand and will ship in 3-4 weeks.

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